Create a donation page that inspires giving

Spend less time managing donations and more time on what matters most, your cause.

All the tools you need to create an attention grabbing donation site at your fingertips.

Personal URL
Customize your event with a personal & secure url just for your fundraiser.
Automatic Email Confirmations
Your supporters will receive an email summary of their donatin sent right to their inbox.
Preset Donation Amounts
Donors can easily choose a preset donation amount of $5, $10, $25, $100 or create their ownwith the open donation amount option.
Donation Meter
Easily choose to display your total raised during your event.
Proudly display your sponsors adding their logo to your site. 
Donor Reports
Downloable donor reports right from your admin dashboard.

Easy for you to design, and easy for your supporters to navigate!

Captivate your visitors with a compelling story about your organization's mission.
Then let them choose how they want to support your cause by offering easy preset donation options along with an option to create a custom donation amount.
They will even receive an email confirmation with their donation summary!

Simple Yearly Pricing


• Collect up to $10k in donations
•1 year of hosting
•2 admin accounts
•Connect to Stripe, Square, and Paypal
Your organization can receive donations year-round without a Chance2Win Donation Site. You can edit your site informatin as often as you like and easily update images throughout the year.
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frequently asked questions

When do I get the donations?
All donations are instantly added to your credit card processing account that you connect before your event starts.
Can I see who has made a donation?
Yes! From your reporting dashboard you can view orders, resend donation confirmations and download donor reports.
What does my supporter receive
after they make a donation?
After your supporter has succesfully checked out they will receieve an email confirmation with a summary of their donation.
What if my organizatin is not a 501(C)3?
No problem. Our donation sites are for anyone who is raising funds for a cause they care about.
Can I use PayPal?
Yes! Our donation sites are integrated to accept Paypal.  You can also still use Square, Stripe or

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